​Planning Ahead Your Garage

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What would your dream garage look like? Some people want to have it fitted for the car, others dream for a really nice workshop, a laundry room, a gym or a rehearsal studio for their own musical band. Some other people only want it to expand their living space and improve their lifestyle.

How much money do you have to work with? Even if you want only to remodel, rebuild or only reorganize a small area of your garage you must have a budget. It is imperative to have in mind a specific target and a realistic and finite budget for it.

The first step is to carefully evaluate your needs regarding the space and your needs. Even if it is a small garage, you can find plenty of space to use for your work area.

Making the decision regarding whether to do the project yourself or to hire a contractor depends on several factors, including your skills and the magnitude of the project. Having only basic skills you can produce a great reorganization project.

You can buy the needed furniture yourself according to your needs and your available space. Cabinets, shelves, pegs and hooks are a must have in order to turn your garage into usable space over a weekend. If you have a greater project in mind, maybe you should consult a plumber or an electrician.

If you are planning to convert your garage into a living area you’d better be a professional or you’ll be risking decreasing the safety and value of your own home.

If you opt for a contractor, and this is the choice that we recommend regardless of the project’s magnitude or your skills, get one whose work you’ve seen and if you have the chance, get some recommendations. It is better to see with your own eyes the skills and some relevant work of the contractor so you can decide whether you could be satisfied with his work or not.

Costs and construction times vary with the scope and the magnitude of the project. If there are no structural issues, finishing and enclosing a garage and turning it into useable room would take less than two weeks. The costs depend on the materials that you decide to use, but keep in mind that expensive does not necessary mean quality and that cheap does not grant you reliability every time.

Your garage can be a place to spend many happy hours for a long time to come if you plan it right according to your needs and dreams.

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