In today’s world, everyone wants his house to look as beautiful as what royals had in yesteryears. Many places in the house which had, till now, been ignored are getting the much-needed attention they required. Kitchen has received a major part of this attention, a number of natural stones and synthetic materials are being used for making a new kitchen. Also, in old houses, a small sum spent during Kitchen renovation, in use of stone based countertops gives an immediate lift to the kitchen décor.

Natural stones like Marble and Granite are one of the most popular options explored by a Property owner be it a residential or a commercial building. Both these stones have the following benefits when used while building a new kitchen or during kitchen renovation:-

1. Beauty. The variation in colors, textures, patterns, and designs are endless. You can choose just the right color and texture which suits your taste.

2. Uniqueness. Every single slab of granite and marble are unique. With differing shades and patterns, these marvelous stones will surely add a sense of elegance to your kitchen.

3. Financial return. Granite and marble add a lot of value to the kitchen and give it a very upmarket and chic look.

4. Durability. Kitchens regularly face a lot of rough and tough usage like sharp knives, hot pans, and pots, stains, and leakages. Granite and marble countertops can easily survive these for a longer time than any synthetic material.

Choosing between granite and marble during kitchen remodeling is a tricky task. One needs to consider all factors very carefully as the cost of using natural stones in your kitchen is substantial. One must examine the pros and cons of using either of the two stones carefully including the cost factor, look, durability and suitability.

In comparison to granite, marble countertops are not as popular, as they can be scratched easier than granite countertops. Also, acidic substances, like vinegar, ketchup, etc affect the surface of marble very easily in comparison to a granite countertop. The glossy surface of marble may be lost with time due to exposure to chemicals commonly used in the kitchen.

Although heat does not harm the actual marble core in any way, exposure to heat may cause the marble to discolor significantly; you will have to replace the entire countertop as this damage can not be repaired. Granite, on the other hand, is the second hardest stone available and is not as easily affected by chemicals, scratching, and typical kitchen heat. Chipping and scratching granite surface is rather tough in comparison to marble, which can be chipped.

Cleaning granite surface countertops is very easy and is limited to cleaning by cloth and soap. However, you will have to “coat” the granite twice a year in order to upkeep its fresh look. One area where marble scores over granite are the choice of color, granite is limited by the colors found in nature. Thus when doing kitchen remodeling, you will have to consider the color scheme you require. You may have to go with marble instead of granite in case the granite colors do not match with your color scheme.